100 Days

Today marks 100 days from the start of early voting for the 2016 General Election.

Are we doing enough to win in November?

Our LD28 office has been open for two months. Campaign signs are going up in yards and along roadways. We have interns from ASU, UofA and NAU helping us with voter contact. In June alone, we knocked on 10,000 doors and spoke to 1,700 voters.

But, is it enough?

The truth is that none of us know the answer to that question and we won’t know until the votes are counted on Nov. 8. We do know that it is critical that we retain the House seat currently held by Dr. Eric Meyer, a tireless advocate for public education and a candidate for the State Senate.

If you have been waiting to donate or volunteer, now is the time.

My election matters. Arizona’s economy is recovering and we have opportunities to sensibly restore funding to public education, pre-K through college, and to take responsibility for long-ignored needs and maintenance of infrastructure. This is the time for wise investment in Arizona’s future. We need to elect leaders who will work across the aisle to develop a long-term vision that positions Arizona for future growth and success.

Yes, we are just 100 days away from the start of early voting for the Nov. 8 General Election. Time is short. I am knocking on doors and making phone calls, but I can’t do this without you!

Donate here -- $1000, $100 or $10. Every donation helps!
Volunteer here to help with voter contact.
Email me at [email protected] to request a yard sign.

Thank you!

Kelli Butler