Four weeks. Two committees. One thousand bills.

Four weeks.  Two committees.  One thousand bills.

Although the workload is demanding, I am invigorated by my work as your state representative.  I serve on both the House Banking and Insurance Committee and the House Health Committee, and I am pleased that my first bill, HB2422, has been assigned to the House Health Committee.  If enacted, this bill would provide pregnant women on AHCCCS with dental care, improving both the health of the mother and her unborn child.  In fact, the Arizona Republic's Editorial board recently wrote about my efforts to promote oral health.

I am also working with members of my Democratic caucus on a series of bills that would reallocate and prioritize spending to provide a 4 percent raise for teachers statewide in 2018.  Although we have seen little work on the Governor’s budget proposal, we know that his promised raise for teachers of 2 percent over five years is horribly inadequate.  Worse, Republican legislators have introduced bills that could expand vouchers and eliminate $211 million in desegregation funding, taking even more money from our public schools.  Scottsdale Unified would lose over $7 million with the loss of desegregation funds.  

I remain determined to do what I can to raise awareness of the needs of our public schools.  My first commitment as a legislator is the restoration of funds to public education.  That is why I ran for office.  There are ongoing opportunities to discuss our priorities as a state and these discussions will become increasingly important when we begin the budget approval process.  I will always speak up on behalf of Arizona’s teachers and students and I hope you will, too.  Here’s how you can help:

•  Contact your state legislators and ask them to vote against any expansion of the Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (vouchers) and any reduction in desegregation funding. 

•  Plan now to attend my Constituent Coffee on Saturday, Feb. 25 from 9:30-11am to discuss how we can all be most effective in influencing the decisions made at the Capitol.  Bring your neighbors and friends.  We will gather at the North Mountain Brewing Company at 522 E. Dunlap.  

Thank you as always for your support.  It means a great deal to me.  Please contact me with any questions or for more information on a particular bill or issue.  


Kelli Butler

State Representative, Legislative District 28