An Exciting Endorsement

I am pleased to announce that the Arizona Education Association has endorsed my campaign for the State House of Representatives.

My support of public schools in my own legislative district and throughout the state of Arizona is unwavering. I made the decision to run for office because of what I first saw when my own sons attended public schools. I saw teachers struggle with class sizes that were too high, materials that were outdated and support services that were inadequate. Later, when I became involved as a volunteer and a parent leader in the Madison School District, I realized that the inequities between schools - and between districts - could only be addressed through the decision-making process at the legislative level.

My signs are appearing now along roadways. I appreciate the AEA's validation of my commitment to be "Your voice for public education," as my signs say. But I am also humbled by the endorsement. I know what's at stake in this election and I know that teachers are counting on me to win.

I ask you to be involved in my campaign. Donate, volunteer, place a sign in your yard -- there are many tasks that are all part of a successful campaign. I am running to retain the seat held currently by Dr. Eric Meyer, candidate for the State Senate, and these are races we cannot afford to lose. Our public school students and teachers are counting on us - and we're counting on YOU to help us be successful.




Thank you!

Kelli Butler