Can you believe it?


As of last night, my votes totaled 11,813.  If you cast your vote for me in the Primary election — thank you!

I am grateful and honored to have earned 11,813 votes of confidence in my ability to represent you at the Capitol. 

We’ve been working hard for over a year. Many of you have helped by knocking doors, calling voters and volunteers, and hosting events in your homes.  It has been truly wonderful to see so much support from our community. I’m grateful for the confidence you’ve placed in me and I will continue to work hard to earn your support and trust.

The General Election campaign begins today.  We now know my opponents. And we know what is at stake. We must elect leaders who will restore funding to our public schools, demand improvement from agencies that keep children safe and focus on an economic development agenda that will improve our economy. 

There will be challenges and opportunities in the remaining 9 weeks — and we must be ready. 

We know this district will be targeted by massive amounts of undisclosed dark money, attempting to distract us with negativity and divisiveness. I am committed to running a positive campaign, focused on the issues. But I am going to need your help to share our message. Here’s how you can get involved:



Place a sign in your yard

Thank you for your support - and your continued help!

Kelli Butler