We think of the word, change, most often as a verb, and it usually means to make different or to become different, or perhaps to replace.

But the word is also a noun, and it can mean the act of changing, such as an alteration, or a transformation, or a substitution. 

Many of us look to the November elections to change the direction of our state.  In Arizona, we are hopeful that the RedforEd and March For Our Lives events are the beginning of needed change and that the activism we see by teachers and young people will lead to election results that bring a balance of power to our state legislature. 

My re-election to the State House of Representatives is critical.  But we need to do more.  Changing just two seats in the State Senate, or five in the House will change leadership, committee assignments and legislative priorities.  And that will be transformative for our state.  

If you have already donated or volunteered in support of my campaign, I am grateful.  If you would consider donating again or making your first donation now, I would appreciate it.  March 31 is an important deadline for fundraising.  Numbers matter and I would like to report that I have donations from as many supporters as possible.  

Donate whatever you can today. Look for that “change” in your drawer or your coat pockets and put it to good use, changing the direction of our state come November. 

Thank you for your support!

Kelli Butler

State Representative, District 28