Did you see today's headlines?

Screen_Shot_2016-09-20_at_12.14.15_PM.pngWe hear the catchphrases all the time:
Job Killing Regulations! 
Big Government Regulations!
Those are quick and easy buzzwords. After all, who can't think of an instance when regulation and bureaucracy was an inconvenience or even an enormous barrier? 
But let's dig a little deeper. The front page of today’s Arizona Republic will tell you - there is a need for common sense rules to protect our safety. Unsafe buses, crumbling school buildings and unsafe drinking water are the result of too little oversight and not enough accountability. Adequate funding is critical too.
It is the duty of the legislature to thoughtfully decide which regulations are vital for public safety and well being -- which are unnecessary and which, perhaps, don’t go far enough. There are bad regulations that overly burden new businesses or reduce competition, but there are good regulations that keep our air, water and working conditions safe. As a small business owner of my family’s dental practice, I’ve dealt with my share of regulations. Anyone who works in the healthcare industry will tell you - some just create reams of paperwork, but other regulations ensure your family's safety. 
As your State Representative, I will do the work necessary to decide which regulations are an unnecessary burden, and which are vital for our safety and wellbeing. I will ask questions, do the homework and most of all, I will not allow special interests to influence my vote. 
Don’t fall for the easy line -- “Regulations Are Bad.”  Some are, some aren’t. We must elect leaders who will honestly determine the difference.
In order to be successful in this election, I need your support. No matter how large or small, every contribution helps. Every phone call or door knock helps. Please do what you can!
Thank you for your support!
Kelli Butler

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