Go Team!

Labor Day traditionally marks the beginning of the General Election campaign, and I want you to know that I am ready!

After a year-long campaign, we finally know whose names will be on the ballot next to mine, but my positions on the issues will not change and my campaign strategy remains the same.

I will continue to talk about the importance of supporting our public schools and state universities in order to ensure that every child has educational opportunities for academic success, and that Arizona has the educated workforce needed to bring new businesses to our state.

And I will continue to knock on doors and make phone calls in order to reach as many voters as possible before the Nov. 8 election. I know that our message resonates with voters and I also know it is my job to lead the campaign necessary to get the message out!

Thank you for everything you have done to help with my campaign in this past year and I ask you to commit to doing whatever you can in these next 60 days. Arizona’s children and families are counting on us, and I am counting on you!

Let’s go!

Kelli Butler