Impossible choices



Friends -

My husband and I are small business owners of our family’s dental practice. For 26 years, we’ve worked to care for our patients and provide for our employees.

One Saturday morning a few years ago, we got a call from a mother whose 6-year-old daughter had a terrible toothache. Our practice was closed that day, but we agreed to meet them at the office later that morning.   

The little girl was in a lot of pain and she was crying.  Her tooth needed to be pulled, but the family had no insurance. As we explained the process and the cost, the mother’s eyes filled with tears.  She had two younger children who sat quietly nearby.  It was obvious to me this young mother was trying to figure out what her family would have to do without in order to pay for this unexpected necessity. I will never forget the look on her face when we told her we would pull her daughter’s tooth at no charge.

I know we all have to make difficult, sometimes unexpected financial choices. But a young mother choosing between medical care and paying for rent or food for her family is just not right.

Experiences like this shape my decisions at the legislature. As your State Representative, I have sponsored bills to expand access to affordable healthcare for all Arizonans:

  • HB2441 (2018) - Would have protected our state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program, KidsCare, from an automatic enrollment freeze if federal funding is reduced by even $1.
  • HB2442 (2017) - Would have provided pregnant women enrolled in our state’s Medicaid program with a dental benefit, which has been shown to improve the health of babies and moms.
  • HB2443 (2018) - Would have allowed individuals the option to purchase their health insurance through our state’s existing Medicaid program, using their own money, if the coverage and cost made sense for their family.

As a member of the House Health Committee and the Banking and Insurance Committee, I am committed to continuing to explore solutions to make health care more accessible and insurance more affordable.

I’m honored to have received the endorsement of respected medical and healthcare associations. They know I work tirelessly to balance the needs of patients and providers, especially in today’s difficult healthcare environment: 


I need your support to make sure I can return to the Capitol and continue to fight for affordable, accessible health care. Midnight tonight is a critical fundraising deadline. 


Thank you!

Kelli Butler

State Representative, District 28

(602) 509-2790 cell