What Issues Matter to You?

Thank you to everyone who responded to my recent Issues Survey, asking which issue is most important to you.

Here are the results, showing the percentage of respondents who listed each choice as their highest priority.

Yes, for most of us, restoring funding for our K-12 public schools and state universities is paramount. But some Arizonans name economic issues, safety, natural resources, equality or infrastructure as their first priority.

What this tells me, of course, is that we are all concerned about Arizona’s future and that is what motivates us to work for change. Whether it’s education or jobs or protecting our environment or eliminating discrimination, we all know we can — and we must — do more and do better. I first became involved in politics because I knew we were selling our kids short. I had opportunities when I attended Arizona public schools that weren’t always there for my sons — and I was determined to do what I could do to restore those opportunities for the children in school today — and tomorrow.

Our commitment to education, K-12 through college, will strengthen our economy and enable us to provide the bright future we all want to see for Arizona.

If you responded to my survey, thank you. If you would still like to share a concern or an issue you care about with me, please do so below. And I invite you to support my campaign here. Donations are critical. Volunteers are invaluable. Thank you!

Kelli Butler

Please let me know which issues are important to you.