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The Future Begins Tomorrow, With You

It is so important that you vote -- we need to go on record to support candidates who will focus on improving public education, bringing quality jobs to our great state and working in a bi-partisan manner to create sensible public policy that works for all Arizonans.

Many of you receive mailed ballots and have already returned them. If so, thank you for voting!

If you are a poll voter or did not mail your ballot back, you can find your polling location here.

Polls will be open tomorrow between 6 am - 7 pm.

If you would like to receive mail-in ballots for future elections, sign up using your driver's license number here.

Thank you so much for your support of my campaign. As we move into the General Election, I am ready to get to work to make sure voters know the differences between my opponents and me on the issues. I hope you'll want to get involved -- with your help, I know we will be successful in building a better Arizona for our future!

Our office is located at 3101 E. Shea Blvd and we're here working hard from 10:00am - 7:00pm every day. We've been phone banking daily and canvassing on evenings and weekends for over a year and we are just getting started!

See you at the polls!

Kelli Butler

A Monumental Occasion


Happy 100th Birthday to America’s National Park Service!

On this date in 1916, President Woodrow Wilson established the National Park Service to protect and conserve our nation’s most treasured and significant natural spaces.

As an Arizona native, I’ve visited many of our state’s 22 national parks - I treasure memories of camping trips with my parents, and with my own two boys. Like so many visitors to our national parks, I am awed by the unique beauty of our incredible state.

It’s easy to think of our parks as only places of scenic beauty, recreation and adventure. But we should remember that our parks have tremendous positive impact on our economy. In 2015, there were 11.7 million visitors to Arizona’s national parks. Those visitors contributed $932 million to our economy and supported nearly 15,000 jobs in our state. 

I look forward to sharing these incredible natural wonders with my own grandchildren someday and I know many of you do, too. We must commit to the preservation of our parks and natural resources. Our parks are key drivers of economic growth and prosperity - and we must work together to ensure their beauty and accessibility for generations to come. 

Thank you so much for your support of my campaign for the State House — and thank you for caring about Arizona’s future.  It matters who is elected in November!

Kelli Butler

Big Day Tomorrow

This Thursday is one of the most critical fundraising deadlines of my campaign. It is important that this campaign finance report shows strong community support and momentum going into the General Election. If you would consider making a donation today, I would very much appreciate it!

I know what it will take to win this State House seat - mail, literature, and signs - and a robust field organization helping me knock on thousands of doors each week. I’ve set my budget and determined my goals.

If you haven’t donated, yet - now is the time! Please contribute $100, $50, $25, or whatever you can. I need your help to make sure I’m successful in November.

If you’ve already donated, thank you! I hope you will consider donating again.

Thank you for your support!

Kelli Butler

Back To School - Without Teachers?

School is back in session! Back-to-school means a fresh start, a new beginning. Students arrive full of anticipation, energy and hope! Dedicated teachers welcome them into their classrooms with excitement and new expectations.

But, the enormous challenges for Arizona's teachers are starkly evident. Despite additional dollars from Prop 123, Arizona remains 48th worst in the nation for per-pupil funding. This lack of overall funding means our teachers rank among the lowest in the nation in annual salaries, and their class sizes are among the largest. We continue to face an enormous teacher shortage as talented teachers leave the state, or the profession, in pursuit of reasonable compensation and more rewarding working conditions. Sadly, the next steps in restoring funding to our public schools appear to be non-existent. It simply isn't a priority for the current majority party in our state legislature.

As your State Representative, I will fight tirelessly for the responsible restoration of funding to our schools. I am proud to have the endorsement of the Arizona Education Association and the support of so many classroom teachers and parents.

Early voting in the Primary Election is already underway! I do not have a Primary opponent, but voting in the Primary is essential! A strong showing indicates a formidable campaign and builds momentum for the General Election on November 8 - only 90 days away!

Together, we can bring real change to the priorities and the direction of our state - but I need your help. Our LD28 Campaign office at 3101 E. Shea Blvd. is open 7 days a week. We need phone-bank volunteers and canvassers to help us talk to voters. And we need donations! Consider making a donation toward campaign signs and literature today, even if you've already donated. We can not win this election without your help. Donate or volunteer today!

Let's make November 8th a fresh start for Arizona's kids and families!

Thank you for your support!

Kelli Butler

Early Voting for AZ's Primary Election Begins Today

I don't have a primary opponent, but it's important that you return your early ballot or vote at the polls on Election Day. This is your chance to record your early support of our campaign for the State House and what it stands for -- investing in public education, ensuring affordable college tuition and creating high-wage jobs.

Primary election totals will be a good indicator of my strength as a candidate and we want our opponents to know that we are running a formidable campaign!

If you have already donated, thank you! If you would consider making your first donation or donating again today, I would appreciate it. Donate here.

We are canvassing and calling voters every day. Our LD28 office is open seven days a week. We've reordered signs and we're placing ads in local newspapers.

It is your financial support that makes our campaign for Arizona's kids and families possible. Donate what you can. And consider what else you might do to help us win! Email me if you're able to help with voter contact. Stop by our office at 3101 E. Shea Blvd. to pick up a yard sign.

And vote! In the Aug. 30th Primary Election and in the Nov. 8 General Election!

Thank you for your support!

Kelli Butler

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun


It's hard to believe - I filed to run for the State House nearly 10 months ago!

Over the past 287 days (but who's counting….) I've personally knocked on 4,380 doors, introducing myself to voters and talking about what's at stake in this election.

Today, there are only 100 days left until Election Day!

It's hardly the homestretch, but I know these next 100 days are going to fly by. And I know I will need to make the most of every day left in order to be successful.

But I can't do it alone. I'm going to need your help to win.

I'm hoping 100 people will contribute $100 today.

Think of it as a $1 investment each day for the next 100 days in the future well-being of our kids, our families, our communities and our state!

Thank you for your support!

Kelli Butler

More great news!

Earlier, I sent you the good news about my endorsement from the Arizona Education Association. Today, I want to let you know that I received the VoteTechSmart endorsement of the Arizona Technology Council, Arizona's premier trade association for science and technology companies.

As an education advocate and owner of a business in the healthcare industry, I am committed to supporting the priorities I share with the Arizona Technology Council, as described in their endorsement statement:

A candidate's understanding a range of issues important to the technology industry and the position he or she took on them were significant in determining the Council's support. The issues include how to expand access to investment capital, tax code support of research and development (R&D) investments, technology-based economic development, support for technology infrastructure, and a strong commitment to a technology-based education system from kindergarten through postsecondary.

As your State Representative, I will support a vision for Arizona that positions us for economic growth - a vision that must include expansion of our technology industry. In order to realize Arizona's potential as a world-class technology state, we must also invest in world-class public schools and state universities. These two endorsements, from the AEA and the AZ Technology Council, highlight my commitment to education and to policies that will create a healthy, growing economy.

Please get involved. This is our race to win.




Thank you!

Kelli Butler

An Exciting Endorsement

I am pleased to announce that the Arizona Education Association has endorsed my campaign for the State House of Representatives.

My support of public schools in my own legislative district and throughout the state of Arizona is unwavering. I made the decision to run for office because of what I first saw when my own sons attended public schools. I saw teachers struggle with class sizes that were too high, materials that were outdated and support services that were inadequate. Later, when I became involved as a volunteer and a parent leader in the Madison School District, I realized that the inequities between schools - and between districts - could only be addressed through the decision-making process at the legislative level.

My signs are appearing now along roadways. I appreciate the AEA's validation of my commitment to be "Your voice for public education," as my signs say. But I am also humbled by the endorsement. I know what's at stake in this election and I know that teachers are counting on me to win.

I ask you to be involved in my campaign. Donate, volunteer, place a sign in your yard -- there are many tasks that are all part of a successful campaign. I am running to retain the seat held currently by Dr. Eric Meyer, candidate for the State Senate, and these are races we cannot afford to lose. Our public school students and teachers are counting on us - and we're counting on YOU to help us be successful.




Thank you!

Kelli Butler

100 Days

Today marks 100 days from the start of early voting for the 2016 General Election.

Are we doing enough to win in November?

Our LD28 office has been open for two months. Campaign signs are going up in yards and along roadways. We have interns from ASU, UofA and NAU helping us with voter contact. In June alone, we knocked on 10,000 doors and spoke to 1,700 voters.

But, is it enough?

The truth is that none of us know the answer to that question and we won’t know until the votes are counted on Nov. 8. We do know that it is critical that we retain the House seat currently held by Dr. Eric Meyer, a tireless advocate for public education and a candidate for the State Senate.

If you have been waiting to donate or volunteer, now is the time.

My election matters. Arizona’s economy is recovering and we have opportunities to sensibly restore funding to public education, pre-K through college, and to take responsibility for long-ignored needs and maintenance of infrastructure. This is the time for wise investment in Arizona’s future. We need to elect leaders who will work across the aisle to develop a long-term vision that positions Arizona for future growth and success.

Yes, we are just 100 days away from the start of early voting for the Nov. 8 General Election. Time is short. I am knocking on doors and making phone calls, but I can’t do this without you!

Donate here -- $1000, $100 or $10. Every donation helps!
Volunteer here to help with voter contact.
Email me at to request a yard sign.

Thank you!

Kelli Butler

200 Signs

It's summer! The temperatures are heating up and so is my campaign.

Yard signs are appearing in neighborhoods throughout the district and large signs will be going up soon. Each large sign with posts costs $40. My fundraising goal for 200 signs is $8000. If you are able to sponsor one sign at $40, or $200 for five, it would be so helpful at this time in our campaign. Donate here.

Signs are important because they help raise name recognition and ultimately that is what wins close elections. My ability to win a House seat in LD28 is critical to continuing Dr. Eric Meyer's eight years of advocacy for public schools, state universities and high-wage jobs.

I won't know for sure who my opponents will be until after the Aug. 30 primary, but I do know we want voters to have my name in mind as they begin to consider their choices for State Representative in LD28. Signs, literature and offices all cost money. If you can help out with a donation to my campaign now, I would appreciate it. Donate here.

Yard signs are available now. If you would like to post one in your yard, email me at

I appreciate your support of my campaign. We know Arizona's kids and families are counting on us to win in November - and I am confident that together, we WILL retain the LD28 House seat currently held by Dr. Meyer.

Thank you so much!

Kelli Butler
Candidate, LD28 State House