Protect Our Arizona Military Service Members and Veterans

Arizona has an obligation to protect military service members and veterans from financial predators. I've sponsored legislation to ensure that those who protect our country are also protected from predatory loans and schemes that put both military families and our nation's military operations at risk. Financial trouble follows a family for years, and it can also put a service member's military security clearance at risk. 

The legislation I've sponsored will reinforce vital financial protections -- please read the message I sent to the Arizona Speaker of the House, Rep. Rusty Bowers, and to the Chairman of the House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee, Rep. Jay Lawrence, below.

If you would like to help encourage Speaker Bowers and Chairman Lawrence to support this legislation, please consider sending them an email.

Speaker Bowers: [email protected]

Chairman Lawrence: [email protected]

Subject: Please Support Our Military with HB2458 and HB2459.


This is the message I sent to Speaker Bowers, Chairman Lawrence and Mr. Hunter, the House Chief of Staff:


February 1, 2019


Speaker Bowers, Rep. Lawrence and Mr. Hunter -

I've sponsored two bills that I want to bring to your attention:

HB2458 consumer credit lending; military members

HB2459 DFI; examinations; military lending act

I introduced these bills because the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has weakened oversight and protection against predatory lending for military service members -- a move that has been criticized by the Defense Department, Pentagon and every major group representing military service members. Forty-four state Attorneys General signed on to two separate letters expressing concern, including our own Attorney General Brnovich. 

HB2458 would codify the protections of the Military Lending Act into Arizona statute, AND would add the extension of the same vital protections to veterans one-year post service.

HB2459 would give Arizona's Department of Financial Institutions the ability to examine lenders in Arizona for compliance with the MLA. It is not a mandate for DFI to examine, but gives DFI authority and clarity to do so.

I discussed these bills in the Veterans Caucus this week and there was resounding support. I've attached several articles, below, to highlight the broad concern over the weakening of the federal protections.

I hope you will help these bills get quickly assigned to committee - and hopefully to Rep. Lawrence's Military and Veteran's Affairs committee. 

Thank you very much for your consideration.


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Representative Kelli Butler

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