What's this Single Shot thing anyway?

Early voting began this morning! Ballots are being mailed and early voting centers across the state are open!

We have come so far in the past year! For months now I have been knocking doors, introducing myself and my vision for Arizona, and talking with voters about the issues important to us all. 

This isn’t about me though, it’s about all of us - all of you. I am so humbled and inspired to see hundreds of volunteers, giving thousands of hours, knocking tens of thousands of doors, to help elect me to the State House. The faith and trust you’ve placed in me motivates me every day. We’re not done yet! The next phase is the most critical to our victory in November.

As voting begins, I want to stress the importance of the Single Shot Strategy for my House race. 

In Arizona, two representatives serve each legislative district. By choosing to vote only for me, and not using your second vote, it helps your vote go farther. The Single Shot Strategy has proven effective in allowing us to overcome the Democratic voter registration deficit in the past. It enables us to virtually ensure that at least one Democrat is elected to the State House — the only way the moderate values of our district are represented in a balanced way.

Please share the Single Shot Strategy with others, as it is vital to my campaign’s success.

If you vote by mail, please look for your ballot in the coming days.
If you’re voting in person at an Early Voting Center, click here to find locations.

As we enter the home stretch, I want to thank you for your continued support and invite you to get involved! This is a historic election for our state and your efforts these last 27 days will help us return to a balanced legislature, where good ideas from both sides of the aisle are given a fair shot at consideration.

Thank you and Happy Voting!

Kelli Butler